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Here's 5 Hot Artists First in Indonesia

Acting hot and almost naked was already there in Indonesia since the 1950s. Although it was not a movie that leads to porn, but the acting of the actress is pretty wild.Unwittingly, this is where the trigger in the generation of other actresses. Given that each era taboo, but the producer and especially actresses dare to show her sensual.Who are the pioneers who dared naked the first time in Indonesia?1. NurnaningsihPerhaps we are strange to hear his name. However, in 1950-1970-an extremely popular name Nurnanigsih in Indonesian cinema. He has many fans after starring in the film made by sutardara legendary tiger from tjampa H Omar Ismail. Fame for daring nude scene in the film and caused controversy in a society still looked taboo.Not only in the film, the artist who was called Nur is also daring sexy pose in various magazines. He also made a controversy by arguing that liberal and have not occurred by other artists.From the film Crisis (1953) Nurnaningsih began to plunge into the world of film. Herself as an actress also had a tailor and open courses.In 1954 Nurnaningsih repercussion in public for daring to be bold in several films, among others directed by Usmar Ismail (Crisis) and Djadug Djayakusuma (tiger from tjampa). In some magazines published photographs are sexy. Even then nude photo spread widely in society.Later it was discovered that the photographs are the result of montage techniques, while Nurnaningsih himself never knew anything about pembuatannya.Aktris other famous personalities who have been victims of similar is Titien Sumarni and Netty Herath.In 1955, the kissing scene between Frieda and S. Bono in a film Between Earth to Sky censored because severe reactions from the public.First appeared and was immediately successful in the film Crisis (1953) demand. Following the tiger from tjampa films (1953), and Kelenting Yellow (1954). Around those years Nurnaningsih sex star ever shocked as Indonesia, which dared to pose plain beyond the film. After completing the Zoo (1955) name was never heard from again in the film world until 1967.In 1968 he reappeared as extras in the "Djakarta - Hongkong - Macao", and then increased to Players Maid in films People People Liar (1969), Breathe In Mud (1970), Suffer No End (1971), Samtidar (1972) ,While Seribu Janji Kumenanti (1972) is the first film diperan utamainya since reemergence into the world of film. Also appearing in Kembang Kembang Plastics (1977), Donat Heroes Moron (1978) and Shadow Grey (1979).During disappeared from the world of movies (1955-1967) Nurnaningsih wandering from one city to another in Indonesia to go on the stage and sing. Also played football as a goalkeeper for 6 years. In addition, he likes to paint. In addition to the film, its activities during the last years is to become a tailor and provide a variety of courses, from English to give arithmetic to children.2. Rahayu EffendiAfter Nurnaningsih, the baton passed on by sex bomb Rahayu Effendi. In contrast to the semi-naked Nur Rahayu supposedly desperate Tante Girang naked in a movie (1974) that shook the world of Indonesian cinema.In addition to the film, Rahayu also starred in other films that do not display the hot scenes, like my Mother sweetheart and girlfriend Options nominated FFI Cup 1975.Siti Rahayu, better known by the name Rahayu Effendi (born in Bogor, West Java, August 30, 1942, age 70 years) is the cast of senior Indonesian woman and mother of the male cast and the Vice Governor of West Java this time, Dede Yusuf.Rahayu Effendi is a senior Indonesian actress who falls since 1964, the first starring movie is "Options Heart". He has also been a dancer at the State Palace. He also won several awards for his work in the event the FFI and FSI.Rahayu Effendi was educated high school in Bogor, Faculty of Social and Politics at Universitas Padjadjaran (Bandung) the role and cinematography courses in Jakarta. Rahayu Effendi began his career as a dancer at the Bogor Palace and has also become a flight attendant of Garuda, and played the first time in the film selections Heart (1964). Until 1993, appeared in about 70 films, mostly as a major player.Starting in the mid-1980s more active as a producer of soap operas. Some production sinetronnya won prizes at FFI and FSI. Day Asmat Bright Future Society (1985) won an Widya as best documentary at the 1987 FFI.Sculptor Borobudur (episode Window Rumah Kita) Vidia trophies as best soap opera in 1989. FSI Sweet Girl In Drizzle (from Window Rumah Kita) per episode serial on FSI best off in 1992, and Kids Bike Ustadz (also from windows Rumah Kita) , best serial drama story on the FSI 1994. Decades earlier, Yayuk (her nickname) was nominated in the supporting actress girlfriend options (1975) on the FFI 1979.Rahayu is formatur unity Production House (1995).3. SuzannaWhen Rahayu Effendi much play manners in various films, generation sex bomb forwarded by Suzanna. The legendary star ngetop films through hot and mystic, one of which is the famous Breathe In Mud (1970) which makes a man hot scene hot and cold at the time.Original story, "Swimming in the Mud" published as the magazine "Varia". Cooperation with Prospex Trading Coy. (Hongkong). First Indonesian film show sex, rape and rough dialogues like "than dijepitin door", "Sundel" etc.This film was banned in Bandung played by local Kodim. The film is in demand and quite horrendous. This makes the successful producer / director to make a sequel into a trilogy.He is a legend of the famous Indonesian horror star. Engaged in the world of the silver screen since the 1950s to the 1990s. Woman known as The Queen of Indonesian Horror is popular through films heat and mystical.Movie Trailer Asmara DaraHis career began when winning the contest "Tiga Dara" and auditioned by Usmar Ismail. Although initially nervous as never before holding the phone, but in no acting auditions picked up the phone, Suzanna finally escaped.The young girl nicknamed The Next indriati iskak have managed to amaze the audience through "Dormitory Dara" and won many awards, including The Best Child Actress (Asia Film Festival, Tokyo, 1960), and the Golden Harvest Award.Eldest of five siblings who bleed the German-Dutch-Manado-Java also won the Most Popular Actress in Asia when Asia Pacific Film Festival in Seoul in 1972. Unfortunately Suzanna actually achieved the popularity of hot movies and mystical. Suzanna stop playing movies in the early 1990s. But that does not mean he no longer exists.In 2003, at the age of 61 years Suzanna sparkled again in the soap opera "Selma and the Snake Demon". Suzanna died Wednesday, October 15, 2008, after five years of battling diabetes.4. Debby Cynthia Dewi1972 appeared film that re-electrify the people of Indonesia. "The path No Other" from director Hasmanan showing degan heat. The film is played by Debby Cintia This goddess collided with the role Mandarin actor Alan Teng Kuang Yung. Rumors, when making the bed scene at the scene only a director, cameraman, Debby and Alan.The production partnership with Hong Kong could make organizational chaos Indonesian film withdraw its recommendation. Also this film was banned in Indonesia by the Attorney General on the grounds can damage the personality of Indonesia, because too many offers luxuries.Alan Teng Kuang YungDebby is an actress who started her career through the film titled "No Other Way" in 1972. The name Debby is also supported by his brother's name, Rini S. Bono. Debby is the son of actor S. Bono and sister of actress Rini S. Bono (former wife of rocker Ahmad Albar).During a role in the film, Deby often play a role in the film drama, action and comedy. Name Debby Cynthia Dewi soared through his film "No Other Way" in 1972, playing with the famous actor from Taiwan Teng Kuang Yung very popular in that era.5. Yati OctaviaIn the second film, Yati Octavia braced shirtless on Intan Virgin Kubu. In the film he plays the son of a chieftain Kubu. Other hot film is Yang Young Yang Sex returning horrendous world of cinema premises.Yati Octavia (born in Jakarta, October 20, 1954, age 58 years) is an Indonesian senior actor in the '80s. She was the wife of actor other senior Indonesian Pangky Suwito.In the golden era of Indonesian films, artists Yati Octavia is the best-selling and most expensive artist, he was dubbed the queen of the film because a lot of fans. For every movie he had received payment of more than 5 million along with actor Roy Marten, Roby Sugara, Yenny Rachman and Doris Callebaute. The most horrendous movie is a movie Secrets of Marriage, as Yati Octavia willing to digundul head.Octavia has a son first (Tesar) of marriage with the deceased Syamsudin and three sons with husband both Pangky Suwito. He is still active in films soap operas.