Senin, 06 Agustus 2012

Kate topless photos in newspapers Ireland

William dan KateRepublic of Ireland's Daily Star newspaper published photographs of topless wife of Prince William, Kate, while basking in the holiday center in France.
Newspaper editor, Mike O'Kane said he considered her as a celebrity in the world.

But as a newspaper owner Northern & Shell said it regretted publishing it.

British royal party said it filed a lawsuit against the French magazine Closer that first published the photographs of her naked chest.

A spokesman for the palace said the publication of photos in Ireland was "based greedy motivation."

Photos of Kate and Prince William-who holds the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge-was not published in the edition of the Daily Star in the UK and Northern Ireland.
Just like other celebrities

O'Kane said he was surprised by the reaction to the news publishing in the UK and claimed it was just caused anger in the UK and not in the rest of Europe.

"Photos of the Duchess is no different than any other celebrity photos we can get, like, Rihanna or Lady Gaga," said O'Kane.

"He was not a candidate for queen of Ireland, so the only place that is causing anger in the UK," he added.

Today Prince William and Kate's visit to the center of Southeast Asia and the Pacific during a visit to commemorate 60 years of the throne of Queen Elizabeth II.