Kamis, 20 September 2012

Court Command Stop Publication Kate Middleton Photos

Pengadilan Perintahkan Stop Publikasi Foto Kate Middleton

A court in France, on Tuesday (18/09/2012), ordered to stop any further publication of topless photo of the wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton.

In addition the judge also ordered that the magazine "Closer" handed the photos within 24 hours. As reported by Upi.com, We
dnesday (09/19/2012).

French Prosecutor on the same day also announced already begun an investigation to determine whether the photos violated privacy rights legislation.
They will also be deciding who will take their demands to the court.

Attorney Aurelien Hamelle, who applied for the publication ban on her topless photo, says duke and duchess of Cambridge was surprised and disturbed by the publication of these photos.

He added that all the magazines published photographs Nudity should be fined.

He also demanded the Closer to pay a fine of 6550 U.S. dollars, plus the additional cost of 13.100 U.S. dollars, per day, if the court order was not obeyed, and 131.000 U.S. dollars, if the Closer sell the photos.

Caricatures of the Prophet: Arab League calls for peaceful protest

Arab League Secretary General Nabil Elaraby condemned the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in the loading of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.
But he said that those who feel offended by the cartoons had "use peaceful means to express disapproval firmly on the cartoon," reported Reuters.
France increased security at the embassies of the country following the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad weekly magazine, said Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.
Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo published a cartoon showing a figure pushing Orthodox Jews who use turbans and wheelchairs.
Caricature figures in a wheelchair was decorated with the words, "You should not be mocking" under the title "Not Touched 2", to refer to a French film about the rich white and black assistants.
"I have issued an order that special security measures in all countries that are expected to cause problems," Fabius said on Wednesday.
Publishing caricatures merebaknnya comes amid protests against the film that is considered insulting Prophet Mohammed in northern Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.
In Tunisia, the ruling Islamist party, Ennahda, condemned the caricatures loading and calling the act of "aggression" against the Prophet. But like Nabil Elaraby, he also asked the Muslims not to get caught in the trap that aims to "destroy the spirit of the Arab awakening and turning them into conflict with the West."U.S. concerns
In settlements in northern Paris, Sarcelles, one person slightly injured after two masked men threw a low-power explosives through the window of a supermarket that sells halal food. Local police said it was too early if the incident is linked to the caricatures.
The Muslim leaders in France - which has the largest Muslim population in Europe, called for calm.
Magazine Charlie Hebdo published four caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, and two of them showed the prophet naked.
Charlie Hebdo magazine office in Paris was attacked with Molotov cocktails last November after publishing caricatures of the prophet.
In 2005, the prophet caricatures published in Denmark sparked protests in many countries and killed at least 50 people.
Meanwhile, the French foreign ministry issued an official statement on their website with a quote once said Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said "freedom of expression is one of the basic principles [French]," as secularism and respect for religious beliefs.
"And this is the reason why, in the present context, the prime minister wanted to express his opposition to the excesses of any kind," the statement said.
But White House spokesman Jay Carney expressed concern over the decision loading caricatures and compare it with the backlash caused by the amateur film Innocence of Muslims last week.
"We know that these images were highly offensive to many people and potentially trigger a riot," he said.
"... We do not question the right of publication of this sort of thing, we're just asking judgment behind the decision to publish it."

Selasa, 18 September 2012

Italian magazine will Publish Topless Photo Kate Middleton

Majalah Italia akan Publikasikan Foto Topless Kate Middleton
Italian gossip magazine, Chi, which is owned by former Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi plans to publish a special edition topless photo wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton.

The plan, they will be published three photos topless Kate, who previously also published by French magazine Closer, which is also owned by the Berlusconi-owned company, Mondadori.

The decision to keep the magazine publishing indecent pictures of it, has angered the royal family, where they filed criminal charges against the magazine, in the courts of Paris, France.

But the editor of Chi assess the picture, is a remarkable reportage, and not be missed.
"For the first time, the future queen of England, appears in a natural way," he said, as reported by Channelnewsasia, Tuesday (18/09/2012).

The photos were taken using a telephoto lens, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge middle relax in a luxurious chateau in the south of France.

Chi will publish the photos in Monday's edition. In this edition, it includes writing reports William and Kate holiday in France as much as 38 pages, which took the title of an article "Is Breast Kate, Genuine Or Fake."

Gangnam Style Has Watched As many as 200 Million Times

Gangnam Style Telah Ditonton Sebanyak 200 Juta KaliSensational pop artist of South Korea, Park Jae-Sang back, incised success, Gangnam Style phenomenal video is posted on the site Youtube.com, has been seen by 200 million times on the website YouTube.com.

"Translucent 200 million! Thank you all!" said Park, whose stage name Psy, the Twitter account, psy-oppa, Tuesday (18/09/2012).

The singer's body fat, became suddenly famous after her music videos, which show them dancing style horseback riding, became a phenomenon. -He also often appeared in the arena of international musical performances, such as the MTV awards were held in Los Angeles recently, and is present in a number of shows prime-time talk show in the U.S..

In addition, Gangnam Style at Saturday topped the U.S. iTunes charts.

Psy has also signed a contract with the management agent Justin Bieber.

Minggu, 16 September 2012

Sheikh Shabbir Girl Accused of Mutilating Gender

A sheikh in Sydney, Australia, appears in court over alleged genital mutilation two daughters. As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday (09/13/2012).

A source in the police said
, Sheikh Shabbir Vaziri (56) and is a member of a little-known religious group, charged for committing circumcision and avoid the investigation of the case.

Police said the two girls who undergo circumcision, performed in the state of NSW when they were six and seven years in the past 18 months. Mutilation performed in Sydney while others performed in another city.

Vaziri were arrested on Thursday (09/13/2012) appear in Burwood Local Court before the court and get bail. Judge Chris Longley, noted, if the community confusion regarding it considered as a reason why the sheikh was given bail. Additionally, Vaziri had no criminal record in the past. Only, the investigator against granting bail on the grounds of the sheikh had chances to flee by plane (flight risk).

Innocence of Muslims Film Director Porn Filmmaker

Film director Innocence of Muslims, who stir the Islamic world, was a porn filmmaker. Directed by Alan Roberts are the same people making a porn film on low-cost era of the '70s and 80's, among others such as The Happy Hooker Sexpert and trilogy. As reported by Gawker, this weekend.

This film raises uproar and protests in many countries with sizeable Muslim, including Indonesia. The players know if the movie originally titled, Dessert Warrior, enter the name of Alan Roberts as a director.

Based on data from IMDB, Santa Monica, California, 65-year-old director is directing a porn film was budgeted at less like The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood and The Sexpert. Gawker wrote, it had interviewed the cast, crew, and close friends of the director and confirmed that Roberts is the same man in a movie titled Innocence of Muslims.

"I'm sure it's the same Alan Roberts. I remember the time to discuss this project with him," said Roberts friend, filmmaker David A. Prior. Major Roberts was appointed as a director by the producer, Sam Bacile, who used the alias Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. This man is a resident of Southern California and was imprisoned.

Nakoula, believed was a key figure behind the making of this 14-minute movie. As a result of this film, making anti-Western protests raged and resulted in four citizens of the United States (U.S.) have been killed in Libya, including Ambassador (Ambassador) Chris Stevens. The cast in this movie and many scenes confessed deceived their conversation recharged.

Actress Film Claiming Innocence of Muslims 'Crazy'

After the demo was hit everywhere, especially Muslim countries in the world, actress Cindy Lee Garcia was sorry and did not think the movie that starred, Innocence of Muslims, would trigger a bloody protests in several countries.

"It drove me crazy," he said in an interview with Gawker, Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

This controversial film is considered disrespectful to discredit the figure of the Prophet Muhammad. As a result, a number of angry Muslim society. In this movie-related protests in Benghazi, Libya, four U.S. diplomats killed diroket and pathetic as his office burned.

"The director told me (while filming), it's just a regular movie set in Egypt 2,000 years ago," said the actress from Bakersfield, California. In the film, he played a small role as a woman who gave her in marriage to the Prophet Muhammad.

"In the film, not that I know of Muhammad's role, but Master George," he said.

Name Muhammad himself dialihsuarakan by the director on the post-production process. Knowing that, he was very furious with the director and producer because they feel exploited. In effect, he was traumatized. "Someone killed because kubintangi movie," he said.

The results of the recognition of the film's final editing so awful. Especially after seeing the impact of the film titled Desert Warriors knew it.

The film has been edited and then uploaded the footage to YouTube. Snapshot is what makes Muslims angry. Besides Libya, in Egypt also recorded a massive demonstration protesting this movie.

Pay Rp 347 thousand, It may be embraced But Not There Sex

Bayar Rp 347 Ribu, Boleh Dipeluk Tapi Tak Ada SeksA woman named Janeen Sonsie willing to pay 35 Australian dollars, or approximately USD 347 thousand (exchange rate of Rp 9900 per Australian dollar) just to get a hug from a bunch of strangers. So reported the Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday (09/09/2012).
"There are three men who massaged me and it's nice," the woman said 50-year-old was working as a sales consultant and business coach. Initially, he claimed to fear when they arrive but was happy because everyone who worked so appreciative of each other.

Hugging each other party business has become a new phenomenon. Sonsie is one of the 20 people who attended. There was no sex and only allowed hugging, massaging each other.
This business is made by the consultant relationship from the United States (U.S.). Party first performed in New York in 2004. Two years later, the branch opened in Melbourne, Australia, but was closed due to illness founders.
In 2008, the relationship consultant and trainer life issues just want to know the name of Marus, businesses reopen and then spread its wings to the state of NSW and Queensland.
The first party attracts dozens and then hundreds more followed in the next party. Now, in total, there are about 1,000 people who are participating. "It continues to grow and I did the first party in Sydney this October and will be followed in other states," he said.

Comments Jews and the Vatican about the film Innocence of Muslims

Komentar Yahudi dan Vatikan soal film Innocence of Muslims
Film Innocence of Muslims invite outcry for insulting the Prophet Muhammad. Here are their comments:

Michael Melchior, Orthodox Rabbi and former Wamenlu Israel:

WE condemn movie offensive to Islam, and sparked deadly protests in Libya and Egypt. Although freedom of expression and the right to use innuendo is sacred principles of democracy, freedom should not be used as an excuse to broadcast the trash and slime.

Sam Bacile who call themselves Jews and Israel were broadcasting the film under the guise of the war on terror. Actually the film was treading underfoot faith and dignity of hundreds of millions of Muslims, and the Prophet Muhammad, in the most condescending and ugly.

In the film, actor thick American accent, describing Muslims worship the immoral and violent. With the depiction of the Prophet's life, the film is touching something very inappropriate and sparked protests in Egypt and violence in Libya that killed the American ambassador to Libya as well as three other diplomats.

As a Jew and rabbi of Israel, I am ashamed of style and demeaning language, contrary to the essence of the Torah of Israel and profane the name of God.

Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman:

Vatican condemns incitement of hatred against Muslims Muslims, including ikutannya violence after a deadly attack on the U.S. ambassador at the U.S. consulate in Libya due to the film offensive to Islam.

The harmful effects sensitivity offense and incitement against Muslims once again clear. Responses consequently, sometimes with sad results, in turn, maintains the tension and hatred and violent release.

Respecting beliefs, texts, numbers and symbols of various religions is an important prerequisite for a peaceful life of the people. (Tribunnews / alb / wall street journal)

Jumat, 14 September 2012

Similar Saddam Hussein Men Forced to Play Porn Movies

Pria Mirip Saddam Hussein Dipaksa Main Film PornoA man like former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, admitted trying kidnapped and forced to play a porn film, by a group of armed men.
Initially, Mohamed Bishr was called by a man, while he was driving. Bishr offered money 205,000 pounds (about USD 3 billion), to act as Saddam, who was executed on six years ago, in a porn movie.
However, the man from Alexandria, Egypt rejecte
d the offer. Soon, three men pulled from a car, then hit him, after he was adamant about not doing hardcore sex scenes in pornographic films.
The kidnappers were apparently wants to make a sex video tape of Saddam. By Bishr who like Saddam, they hope the world may believe that they are going to make a movie is a native of Saddam Hussein.
"Three people who had guns hanging from their belts, forced me out of my car. They pushed me into the van, and hit my head," said Bishr are still lying in the hospital, as preached The Mirror, Saturday (15 / 9/2012).
Bishr experienced events happening this weekend, when she was going to a cafe in Alexandria.
Bishr faces are very similar to Saddam, had previously been attacked by Iraqis in Egypt, Bishr was Saddam Hussein who fled to Egypt.
"We asked the police to provide special protection to our fathers, because this has happened a few times," said Mahmoud, son of Bishr. (*)

Rabu, 05 September 2012

Rape stewardess in Airplane Passenger Men Arrested

Cabuli Pramugari di Pesawat, Penumpang Pria DitangkapA citizen of the United Arab Emirates was fined by the authorities in Singapore with a value of some 10 thousand Singapore dollars, because of sexual harassment against three Singapore Airlines stewardess.

Ahmad Abdulla Saleh Alyasi (
41), on Thursday (13/09/2012), yesterday has admitted his actions on a flight from Dubai to Singapore on August 19, 2012.

At that time, the school teacher was traveling with his wife and five children. Deplorable act of touching the buttocks begins with the first victim as she walked past him.

The victim had glared and made ​​Ahmad, just apologize.

But instead of sorry, Ahmed repeated his actions, he again touched the buttocks of a Singapore Airlines flight attendant stewardess's other current running through it. The flight attendant was angry with him, and Ahmad returned only expressed regret.

Not sour-sour, Ahmad reiterated immoral act, he again holds buttocks flight attendant, this time he launched an action when the plane has landed in Singapore. That's when authorities arrested him.