Minggu, 16 September 2012

Pay Rp 347 thousand, It may be embraced But Not There Sex

Bayar Rp 347 Ribu, Boleh Dipeluk Tapi Tak Ada SeksA woman named Janeen Sonsie willing to pay 35 Australian dollars, or approximately USD 347 thousand (exchange rate of Rp 9900 per Australian dollar) just to get a hug from a bunch of strangers. So reported the Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday (09/09/2012).
"There are three men who massaged me and it's nice," the woman said 50-year-old was working as a sales consultant and business coach. Initially, he claimed to fear when they arrive but was happy because everyone who worked so appreciative of each other.

Hugging each other party business has become a new phenomenon. Sonsie is one of the 20 people who attended. There was no sex and only allowed hugging, massaging each other.
This business is made by the consultant relationship from the United States (U.S.). Party first performed in New York in 2004. Two years later, the branch opened in Melbourne, Australia, but was closed due to illness founders.
In 2008, the relationship consultant and trainer life issues just want to know the name of Marus, businesses reopen and then spread its wings to the state of NSW and Queensland.
The first party attracts dozens and then hundreds more followed in the next party. Now, in total, there are about 1,000 people who are participating. "It continues to grow and I did the first party in Sydney this October and will be followed in other states," he said.