Jumat, 14 September 2012

Similar Saddam Hussein Men Forced to Play Porn Movies

Pria Mirip Saddam Hussein Dipaksa Main Film PornoA man like former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, admitted trying kidnapped and forced to play a porn film, by a group of armed men.
Initially, Mohamed Bishr was called by a man, while he was driving. Bishr offered money 205,000 pounds (about USD 3 billion), to act as Saddam, who was executed on six years ago, in a porn movie.
However, the man from Alexandria, Egypt rejecte
d the offer. Soon, three men pulled from a car, then hit him, after he was adamant about not doing hardcore sex scenes in pornographic films.
The kidnappers were apparently wants to make a sex video tape of Saddam. By Bishr who like Saddam, they hope the world may believe that they are going to make a movie is a native of Saddam Hussein.
"Three people who had guns hanging from their belts, forced me out of my car. They pushed me into the van, and hit my head," said Bishr are still lying in the hospital, as preached The Mirror, Saturday (15 / 9/2012).
Bishr experienced events happening this weekend, when she was going to a cafe in Alexandria.
Bishr faces are very similar to Saddam, had previously been attacked by Iraqis in Egypt, Bishr was Saddam Hussein who fled to Egypt.
"We asked the police to provide special protection to our fathers, because this has happened a few times," said Mahmoud, son of Bishr. (*)