Minggu, 16 September 2012

Sheikh Shabbir Girl Accused of Mutilating Gender

A sheikh in Sydney, Australia, appears in court over alleged genital mutilation two daughters. As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday (09/13/2012).

A source in the police said
, Sheikh Shabbir Vaziri (56) and is a member of a little-known religious group, charged for committing circumcision and avoid the investigation of the case.

Police said the two girls who undergo circumcision, performed in the state of NSW when they were six and seven years in the past 18 months. Mutilation performed in Sydney while others performed in another city.

Vaziri were arrested on Thursday (09/13/2012) appear in Burwood Local Court before the court and get bail. Judge Chris Longley, noted, if the community confusion regarding it considered as a reason why the sheikh was given bail. Additionally, Vaziri had no criminal record in the past. Only, the investigator against granting bail on the grounds of the sheikh had chances to flee by plane (flight risk).