Minggu, 16 September 2012

Actress Film Claiming Innocence of Muslims 'Crazy'

After the demo was hit everywhere, especially Muslim countries in the world, actress Cindy Lee Garcia was sorry and did not think the movie that starred, Innocence of Muslims, would trigger a bloody protests in several countries.

"It drove me crazy," he said in an interview with Gawker, Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

This controversial film is considered disrespectful to discredit the figure of the Prophet Muhammad. As a result, a number of angry Muslim society. In this movie-related protests in Benghazi, Libya, four U.S. diplomats killed diroket and pathetic as his office burned.

"The director told me (while filming), it's just a regular movie set in Egypt 2,000 years ago," said the actress from Bakersfield, California. In the film, he played a small role as a woman who gave her in marriage to the Prophet Muhammad.

"In the film, not that I know of Muhammad's role, but Master George," he said.

Name Muhammad himself dialihsuarakan by the director on the post-production process. Knowing that, he was very furious with the director and producer because they feel exploited. In effect, he was traumatized. "Someone killed because kubintangi movie," he said.

The results of the recognition of the film's final editing so awful. Especially after seeing the impact of the film titled Desert Warriors knew it.

The film has been edited and then uploaded the footage to YouTube. Snapshot is what makes Muslims angry. Besides Libya, in Egypt also recorded a massive demonstration protesting this movie.