Minggu, 16 September 2012

Comments Jews and the Vatican about the film Innocence of Muslims

Komentar Yahudi dan Vatikan soal film Innocence of Muslims
Film Innocence of Muslims invite outcry for insulting the Prophet Muhammad. Here are their comments:

Michael Melchior, Orthodox Rabbi and former Wamenlu Israel:

WE condemn movie offensive to Islam, and sparked deadly protests in Libya and Egypt. Although freedom of expression and the right to use innuendo is sacred principles of democracy, freedom should not be used as an excuse to broadcast the trash and slime.

Sam Bacile who call themselves Jews and Israel were broadcasting the film under the guise of the war on terror. Actually the film was treading underfoot faith and dignity of hundreds of millions of Muslims, and the Prophet Muhammad, in the most condescending and ugly.

In the film, actor thick American accent, describing Muslims worship the immoral and violent. With the depiction of the Prophet's life, the film is touching something very inappropriate and sparked protests in Egypt and violence in Libya that killed the American ambassador to Libya as well as three other diplomats.

As a Jew and rabbi of Israel, I am ashamed of style and demeaning language, contrary to the essence of the Torah of Israel and profane the name of God.

Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman:

Vatican condemns incitement of hatred against Muslims Muslims, including ikutannya violence after a deadly attack on the U.S. ambassador at the U.S. consulate in Libya due to the film offensive to Islam.

The harmful effects sensitivity offense and incitement against Muslims once again clear. Responses consequently, sometimes with sad results, in turn, maintains the tension and hatred and violent release.

Respecting beliefs, texts, numbers and symbols of various religions is an important prerequisite for a peaceful life of the people. (Tribunnews / alb / wall street journal)