Jumat, 03 Agustus 2012

Penis Cut And Boyfriend Dumped into Toilet

Penis Pacar Dipotong Lalu Dibuang ke Toilet

Jealousy can make people seem desperate to do anything.

It also experienced Jian Chen (47). Mother of two children stabbed his girlfriend, Jin Xiang Peng (48), part of his pen
is cut off, then throw it into the toilet

As proclaimed The Mirror, Friday (08/31/2012), Chen did it because of jealousy on fire. Previously, Chen mixing sleeping pills into the soup Peng.

Chen then bind the victim and attacked him to death. The incident occurred in February 2012. Chen accused Peng cheating and stealing thousands of dollars of his own money.

Peng Chen called a 'sexual predator'. Peng allegedly approached a wealthy woman who is pregnant, and cheating.

Chen is also suspected that Peng had hit their son, who was sent to boarding school in China, their hometown.

"Something inside me said, smash 'weapon', do not let him hurt her and the other children," said Chen told the psychiatrist.

Chen is now languishing in jail. He was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison. The court stated Chen unconscious when performing actions. He considered accidental murder